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Jonathan is a passionate TV Host, director, producer and editor. Here are listed some projects Jonathan has created or collaborated on from 2015-2023. Please stay tuned for his upcoming documentaries.

Bible Health Secrets

The Holy Bible has been revealing wisdom to it’s readers for thousands of years; wisdom in spirituality, love, marriage, parenting finances and ethics. However, did you know that hidden within the scriptures are many health protocols that can heal cancer and autoimmune symptoms? Our host, Jonathan Otto, speaks to over 50 experts, including doctors, scientists and pastors who reveal the life-saving health secrets that can be found within the Bible.

Autoimmune Secrets

While ‘autoimmunity’ isn’t a term commonly used by people in the USA, the truth is, over 80 million US citizens will be affected by one or more autoimmune diseases. These diseases steal your well-being, either by draining your energy, making you depressed or anxious, triggering allergies, crippling your limbs, causing rashes on your body and often making you gain weight, among many other horrifying symptoms. 

But there is hope. In Autoimmune Secrets, investigative journalist, Jonathan Otto, gathers wisdom from 50 leading experts all over the world as well as stories and protocols from countless patients who are now in remission, showing viewers that you CAN prevent and reverse the symptoms of autoimmunity.

The Truth About Cancer

Cancer is a word that brings up a whole host of emotions for many people: fear, confusion, helplessness, despair and pain. However, in a world of heartache, this 9-part documentary series promises to bring one thing: hope. Hosted by Ty Bollinger and co-produced by Jonathan Otto, this film follows their global quest to find answers, seeking wisdom from 131 world leading experts and countless cancer survivors. ‘Cancer’ does not have to be a death sentence, and this documentary series shows you why.

The Truth About Vaccines

This seven part documentary series brought together 60 of the world leading vaccination experts to ask the all important questions, “What’s in it?” and “Is it safe for my child?”  Hosted by Ty Bollinger and co-produced by Jonathan Otto, this is not a documentary series to be missed.

The Truth About Vaccines

Co-hosted by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Jonathan Otto, the 8 part documentaries series explores the power of a healthy diet to combat disease. Drawing from the wisdom of Dr. Mercola, over 50 internationally acclaimed doctors, scientist, researchers and survivors, this documentary series outlines exactly what and when you should eat to get the results you’re looking for.

Natural Medicine Secrets

In the ground-breaking 9-episode docu-series Natural Medicine Secrets, more than 55 of the world’s leading natural medicine doctors share what they have learned from decades of practice filled with successful cases.

Also — a trained research team has put together the latest scientific research about the plants that can indeed be called “miracle healing agents” and how to use them to help prevent and reverse disease.

You don’t want to miss this series.

The natural medicine remedies shown inside are simple, effective, and side-effect free.

Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets

What if there was a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that offers you the right information and solutions on how to heal your brain naturally?

Hosted by Jonathan Otto, the 10 part groundbreaking documentary series explores natural treatments for brain illnesses like depression, anxiety, or dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Over 55 world-leading expert doctors, and scientists, and several patients that have reversed their conditions outlines exactly how simple it can be to heal and to live your best life.

Autoimmune Answers

Why do doctors routinely prescribe expensive, side-effect-laden drugs that mask symptoms — but do nothing to heal the actual root cause of the disease?

Medications offer a short-term fix — with long-term side effects… You’ll be shocked to discover what common foods, everyday products, and Big Pharma meds are the real reason you’re suffering from autoimmune conditions… And how you can safely and permanently remove them from your body!

BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously

Discover natural protocols that can heal your body from COVlD-related injuries, reverse damage done by the gene-altering mRNA “vaccines”, boost natural immunity to protect against spike protein shedding, detox these deadly bioweapons from your body, heal the root cause of chronic disease and reclaim your health for good! Over 50 world-renowned natural medicine doctors and health experts to bring you TRUE HEALING.

Absolute Healing

Learn directly from the 60+ doctors and health professionals whose patients share the “miraculous” healing stories you read online. All you need to stop feeling like you’re dying and start to truly live again is to listen to these health experts that understand the root cause of disease AND how the body works at a cellular level.

Discover Proven Protocols and achieve Absolute Healing.
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