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Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, filmmaker and humanitarian. His life narrative is characterised by his unceasing desire to uncover truth and alleviate suffering.

The Australian-born filmmaker attributes a childhood experience as being the catalyst for his passion. A seven-year-old Jonathan was watching television when he saw a commercial promoting child sponsorship. As he saw the footage of the thin and malnourished child on the screen he was overcome with emotion. Jonathan began to cry and begged his mother to donate. It was in that moment that the humanitarian heart was born within him.

As a result of volunteering throughout his adolescent years, Jonathan, at the age of 18, became a Youth Ambassador for the charity, World Vision. World Vision organised his first volunteer mission to Africa. Faced with the despair and hopelessness of poverty, Jonathan’s passion to help others grew deeper. After returning from his trip, Jonathan travelled from school to school and on children’s television programs, encouraging them to do their part to end world poverty. Jonathan was then noticed by his local government, and was awarded Australian Youth Citizen of the Year (Lake Macquarie, 2004).

This finally led to Jonathan starting his own charity at the age of 25.

His efforts were a response to the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa (2011-). Jonathan, appalled that such a large-scale humanitarian crisis was largely unheard of in his home country, poured his own time and finances into saving lives. He swiftly began raising awareness, fundraising and coordinating teams to deliver food and resources to the most affected areas. He was then able to establish an agricultural program to ensure that the affected villages were secure and nourished in the long term. However, none of these trips were without risks… Jonathan has on multiple occasions been in situations where he was faced with the threat of death. On one of his most recent trips to Africa, the team truck driver was tragically shot and killed by thieves.
However, this surprisingly did not deter him. All of these experiences only fuelled Jonathan’s desire to become an unabashed herald of the truth and to help those in need. He has, to this day, continued to volunteer his own time overseas and continually draws finances from his own pocket if necessary.

In more recent years, Jonathan has turned his attention to seeking truth and exposing error in the area of health and wellness. This has led him to create and collaborate as an editor and producer on many health films and projects, such as the docu-series, The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines (with Ty Bollinger), Diet Against Disease with Dr. Joseph Mercola, and more recently in Jonathan’s self-hosted series, Bible Health Secrets and Autoimmune Secrets. These documentaries represent his unceasing global quest to find truth, gathering stories and protocols from world-renowned experts and their patients. Jonathan has been featured in international TV broadcast, print media, national news, and radio broadcast.

Jonathan is happily married to his wife, Lori. They are both committed Christians and regularly speak at their local church in San Diego, California.

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